POT- perfect presentation skills training

Help extract learning experience and improve internal lecturer ability

Help extract learning experience and improve internal lecturer ability

A professional training instructor needs to have two core abilities: the ability to develop the course content and the ability to deduce the course. The former provides value and the latter ensures effectiveness. In April 2018, zhongkai company provided professional training on the curriculum development ability of in-house lecturers. On April 27/28, 2019, zhongkai company conducted a two-day training on "POT -- perfect presentation and deduction skills" to further improve the deductive ability of internal lecturers. (POT: Presentation Of Trainer, or "porter" training.)

Mr. Lu zheng, chief lecturer of Slon Copyright course Centre and certified lecturer of American Training House, was invited to give the lecture. At the beginning of the course, the teacher first introduced the core content of the course through the advertisement of jingtian centenarian mountain (the story of mathematician Descartes) : how to tell the course so that the students can accept it more. Then, the content is divided into three parts, which are taught through the scientific logic of "focus on difficulties + tool explanation + discussion and interaction + drill guidance", so as to effectively help students understand how to use the professional "routine" of the lecturer to better deduce and present the course content.

This training of "POT- perfect presentation and deduction skills" is the practice of human resources department to cultivate and improve excellent talents for the company and support the construction of the company's talent echelon. In the future, more training and empowerment activities will be carried out. We hope that more colleagues who are willing to share will join the internal team of lecturers, and the human resources department will be dedicated to training and conveying more excellent talents for the company.