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  • World famous management gurus Peter crook said "management is the practice, its core is not knowledge but action, the validation is not logical, but in the results, the only authority is achievement".
  • 2019-07-22
    Team leader as a line of the enterprise management, to manage, command, guidance staff, improve the coordination of the work responsibility
  • In the world if there is anything worthy of our careful it, is not a religion, also is not knowledge, but to eat. - Lin yutang
  • To enrich employees style life, strengthen the link between employees, at the same time to show our collective spirit.
  • 2019-06-22
    Internal auditors for internal ISO management system auditors, usually by both master of ISO international standards and familiar with the condition of the enterprise personnel. According to the requirements of ISO audit
  • To improve the management of grass-roots staff concern, care and concern, deepen the employees of the company's identity and belonging
  • As the march of the success of the "crystal eagle plan", the company invited on May 18, external training institutions Hou Xiru teacher for our 40 senior managers for a 1 day "nine section manager training.
  • To enrich employees amateur life, mix, under the organization of the human resources department, on May 6, 2019, the company held a "love ping wins" table tennis match. The game to take the form of team tournament
  • Help extract learning experience and improve internal lecturer ability
  • For care staff health, strengthen the consciousness of personal health and make employees more and more accurate, more direct understanding of closely related to its high incidence disease and daily first aid knowledge,