The spring breeze action activity

To improve the management of grass-roots staff concern, care and concern, deepen the employees of the company's identity and belonging

     To improve the management of grass-roots staff concern, care and concern, deepen the employees of the company's identity and belonging, let employees feel skyworth the warmth of family, on March 4, 2019, ZhongKai company launched a three-month care staff "spring breeze action" activity. This activity is mainly from the two dimensions of company and department, from management, staff care, landscaping, policy improvement, establish a caring staff on the working mechanism of normalized to reduce staff turnover rate, raise the enthusiasm of staff and stability.

     In the aspect of management promotion, the company has carried out four batches of the outstanding team leader training, improving the management ability and attitude of the team leader. In regular seminars in staff care, face to face communication with employees, listen to the heart-felt wishes of the employees, had been carried out during the activity 13 symposium (corporate level 3, departmental 10). At the same time, through different forms of employee activities, rich employees of civic life. Had been carried out during the "spring breeze action" 6, 4 departmental birthday party, the activity of the corporate level, three departmental team building activities. In view of the activities during the symposium feedback opinions and Suggestions about the environment, the company has taken corresponding improvement action. In a timely manner to improve the canteen environment, special for staff dormitory beautification, simplify the induction process, improve the environment of "first impression", at the same time increased the strength of the construction of cultural propaganda. In terms of policy making, internal referral reward policy; Making employees electronic manual, so that new employees can quickly query at any time to the common method to resolve the problem within the company, understand the company rules and regulations and the surrounding entertainment environment.

     During the activity, the company from the perspective of service employees, the upgrade of hardware facilities, improve the working environment, improve management skills and other aspects, to a lot of improvement. Compared to the same period in 2018, during the period of "spring breeze action" staff turnover as a whole was reduced by 3%, long-term work than the average growing at 10% per month, preliminary ChengDa activity effect to the expected target. On June 5, 2019, ZhongKai company, "spring breeze action" award ceremony was held in activities to achieve the target value of turnover of department for the reward.

Staff is the enterprise of precious wealth, is the most important productive forces, is the cornerstone of enterprise development and growth. Only respect for employees, caring employees, can stimulate the love of employees for the company to promote the healthy development of the company. ZhongKai branch will continue to build solidarity, inclusive dedicated team of enterprise, to create a harmonious working atmosphere, make each employee feel the warmth of family, let employees have a sense of belonging. "Spring breeze action" activity is over, but caring employees, we will continue to work hard.